Lemix Ergonomic Upright Mouse with Mesh Pouch (Left & Right Versions)

  • £7.50

The story behind the Lemix mouse

About three years ago I developed repetitive strain injury (RSI) in my right wrist and the top of my right hand. The pain was such that I decided to get a left handed ergonomic mouse. Very few left-handed mice were available and they always cost more than right handed mice.

My first vertical mouse got damaged (my fault for not protecting it inside my rucksack with my laptop). The next two, despite being expensive models from a well known brand, suffered from severe cable kinking after about a year. On a positive note, despite being right handed I began to prefer a left-handed mouse. It was great being able to use a mouse and write at the same time. Proof that men really can multi-task.

I then obtained samples of various vertical mice and had a mouse (the Lemix LVM1) manufactured to my specification and subsequently tested. These are the criteria I specified.

1. It should position the wrist vertically (not at a slope).

2. Be long enough to allow the fingers to rest horizontally along the mouse.

3. Have two large buttons onto which the fingers rest in a natural horizontal position.

4. Be wired. This is because when travelling I do not want to have to carry a spare battery, risk losing the mouse dongle or risk wireless interference.

5. Have a cable which does not kink.

6. Be plug and play.

7. Come with a handy protective pouch for travelling.

8. No wasteful plastic packaging that may be difficult to recycle.

9. It must be available in left and right-handed versions.

Left or right mouse? This may seem obvious if you are seeking to prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI). Not so if you already have severe RSI and using any mouse can cause pain. Using a mouse in the non-dominant hand takes getting used to but is worth it. Additionally, being able to use a mouse in one hand whilst writing with the other can be useful

  • Minimises strain reducing the likely-hood of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) by maintaining the wrist vertically in the handshake position. This is helped by the long body which allows the fingers to rest horizontally on the two large buttons.
  • Kink resistant 1.4 m cable, mesh carrying case and fully recycle-able cardboard packaging (no plastic waste).
  • Plug and play right hand mouse suitable for both Windows and Macintosh.
  • Rated at 5V, 100 mA, DPI 1200, Compliant with both CE (Europe) and FCC (USA) standards
  • The mouse may feel a little strange to begin with. This is simply because the orientation is different from the traditional mouse.