Lemix Travel Charger

Electrical safety

Do not expose to moisture, extreme temperature, high humidity or vibrations. / Use only with compatible batteries. Dismantling the charger risks electric shock and voids the warranty. / Keep out of reach of children. The chargers are CE Approved and have been safety tested  according to LVD EN 60950 and EMC EN55022 / EN55024.


Before you use the charger

Check that you are using the correct charger for the battery. There are over a hundred different camera batteries and those that appear very similar or have similar names may need different chargers. Be aware that third party batteries can be slightly different in size from the original and that many imitation batteries are sold.

Lithium ion batteries perform less well at low temperatures and performance deteriorates with age. It is recommended to charge new batteries fully before use. This may take longer than subsequent charges. Charging time depends on battery capacity. Typically it is less than 2 hours for most compact cameras, 2 to 3 hours for SLRs and 2 to 4 hours for camcorders.

Charger operation

Slide the mains plug in fully to install. You may hear a click. Plug in the charger without the battery. A green light indicates that power is being delivered to the charger. If there is no light check that the plug is fitted correctly. To release the plug press "PUSH".


Install the battery. Make sure that the terminals of the battery connect with those on the charger. A red light indicates charging whereas a green light indicates not charging.  The red light will turn to green when charging is complete. Check that the battery is still correctly fitted before removing. Note that the light could be green because the battery has been dislodged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the FAQ page for further information.