Lemix USB Chargers

Lemix chargers are available for most popular batteries from camera manufacturers including Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung and Sony. 



The Lemix® USB battery charger is exceptionally light (only 32 g), compact and convenient. A 45 cm (18 inch) standard USB to micro USB cable is supplied. Charge your battery anywhere in the world using a USB mains adaptor, computer, car USB, car lighter to USB adaptor or USB powerbank.

The main reason why it  is so light compared with a mains chargers is that the heaviest parts of a mains charger are the plug and the transformer coil. In a USB charger the transformer coil need only convert from 5V instead of from mains voltage. This means that a relatively small number of coils are needed making it much lighter and smaller.


A red light indicates that the battery is charging. This light will be green when no charge is being delivered.

Charging times depend on the battery capacity and the source. These are similar to mains chargers if using a 900 mA USB 3 source or a 1 mA output mains adaptor. This is about 2 hours for most compact camera batteries and about 4 hours for most SLRs and standard camcorder batteries. Expect proportionally longer if using an older 500 mA USB 1 or 2 source.

USBC with dimensions



The box, barcode and charger plate will all list the most popular battery or batteries charged when the charger was first produced. Some chargers will only charge a single battery some will charge several diferent batteries that may serve differerent brands of camera.  The compatibility with different batteries is not always the same for the Lemix mains travel chargers and for the Lemix USB chargers.


Frequently Asked Questions

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