Lemix (VBN130/VBN260) Ultra Slim USB Charger for Panasonic VW-VBN130E / VW-VBN260E Battery for Listed Panasonic Models

  • £11.00


The Lemix® USB battery charger is exceptionally light, compact and convenient. A 45 cm (18 inch) USB cable is supplied. Charge your battery anywhere in the world using a USB mains adaptor, computer, car USB, car lighter to USB adaptor or USB powerbank. All Lemix chargers have a two year warranty and are CE Approved.


A red light indicates that the battery is charging. This light will be green when no charge is being delivered.
Charging times depend on the battery capacity and the source. These are similar to mains chargers if using a 900 mA USB 3 source or a 1 mA output mains adaptor. This is about 2 hours for most compact camera batteries and about 4 hours for most SLRs and standard camcorder batteries. Expect proportionally longer if using an older 500 mA USB 1 or 2 source.


It is very easy to order the wrong charger or battery. A subtle difference in name can mean a different charger (e.g. Lemix NB2L charger for Canon G7 but NB13L for the G7X).

Although the listing of compatible camera /camcorder models has been carefully researched, please be aware that camera manufacturers do not provide this information to the suppliers of third party chargers and batteries.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you check the exact model of your original battery before ordering.


  • For batteries: VBN130 VBN130E VW-VBN130E-K VBN260 VBN260E VW-VBN260 VW-VBN260E

  • For camcorders: PANASONIC HC-X800 HC-X900 HC-X909 HDC-HS900 HDC-SD600 HDC-SD800 HDC-SD900 HDC-SD909 HDC-TM900

  • Compatible charger NOT made by Panasonic/Lumix {1200-1605}