Lemix (NB11L.) high capacity NB-11L Li-Ion battery for (listed below) CANON Powershot ELPH & IXUS cameras - Lemix

Lemix (NB11L.) high capacity NB-11L Li-Ion battery for (listed below) CANON Powershot ELPH & IXUS cameras

  • £7.50


High capacity lithium-ion battery complying with European CE and RoHs standards. There is no memory effect. This means that it is not necessary to fully discharge your battery each time in order to maintain performance.

Note that the time taken to charge a battery is related to both the battery capacity and the charging rate. The performance of lithium-ion batteries is influenced by temperature. This is very noticeable below 0 deg C /32 deg F. If using in extreme cold it is advisable to ensure that the battery has been recently charged and to carry your camera under your outer clothing. Lemix also produce high rate chargers.


It is very easy to order the wrong battery. Cameras or camcorders with very similar names or specifications can use different batteries and may require different chargers. The names of different batteries can also be very similar and search engines, including Google, will sometimes point to items that are not completely identical to the text you entered.

It is recommended that you check the exact model of your original battery before ordering.

  • High capacity, premium quality lithium ion NB-11L NB11L battery. No memory effect
  • For cameras: CANON POWERSHOT: SX400 IS / SX410 IS / A2300 A2400IS A2500 A3400IS A3500IS A4000IS A2600 / CANON POWERSHOT ELPH: 110HS 115IS 130IS 135 140IS 150 160 170IS 320HS 340HS 350HS
  • For cameras: CANON IXUS: 125HS 132 135 140 145 150 155 160 165 170 240HS 265HS
  • Complies with European RoHs standards controlling toxic metals in batteries and electronic appliances
  • All Lemix batteries have a 2 year warranty {2041-2047}