Lemix (NB5L) Travel Charger for Specific CANON Powershot and Digital IXUS Models for UK, Europe, USA & Car - Lemix

Lemix (NB5L) Travel Charger for Specific CANON Powershot and Digital IXUS Models for UK, Europe, USA & Car

  • £13.50


The charger can operate on mains voltage (110V to 240V) world wide and via a 12V car lighter socket for convenience on the move.

A red light indicates that the battery is charging. This light will be green when no charge is being delivered. The charger will stop delivering current when the charge is complete preventing overheating and saving power. Instructions are included.

The mains plug required is very easily changed and clicks securely into place. Simply press the button on the back and slide in or out.

The original battery that came with the camera should be a good fit. Others could be a little loose or tight as not all third party batteries are exactly the same size


It is very easy to order the wrong charger or battery. Cameras or camcorders with very similar names or specifications can use different batteries and may require different chargers. The names of different batteries can also be very similar and search engines, including Google, will sometimes point to items that are not completely identical to the text you entered.

Although the listing of compatible camera /camcorder models has been carefully researched, please be aware that camera manufacturers do not provide this information to the suppliers of third party chargers and batteries.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you check the exact model of your original battery before ordering

  • For batteries: NB5L NB-5L Alternative to charger CANON CB-2LX
  • For cameras: CANON POWERSHOT S100 S110 SD790IS SD850IS SD870IS SD880IS SD890IS SD900 SD950IS SD970IS SD990IS SX200IS SX210IS SX220HS SX230HS
  • For cameras: CANON DIGITAL IXUS: 90IS 860IS 870IS 950IS 960IS 970IS 980IS 990IS
  • It is recommended to check the exact model your original battery before ordering
  • All Lemix chargers have a 2 year warranty {1177-1605}